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About Us

About Golbar Navid Bahar

We are Member of Golbar Group, Contains several companies with a history more than half century. Golbar Navid Bahar Co. (GNB) Established in 2009 with a mission of key point manufacturer and distributor of animal feed additives for Broiler, Layer, Breeder, Dairy Cattle, Bovine, Sheep, Goat and Aquaculture in Iran.

We are of the belief that the most strategic challenge facing humanity in the 21st century is the climate change. As such protecting the environment and pursuing healthier lifestyle are among GNB’s guiding principles and core values. 

At the GNB, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. This automatically brings about commercial success for our Customer and provides a safe and healthy framework for animal nutrition and feeds, which we strictly adhere to. Our objective is to provide practical and innovative solutions aimed at improving nutrition and livestock environment, and to address future challenges which are in turn based on continuously undertaking creative efforts and respect for the environment.

Our expertise is at the disposal of our clientele and our ability to appreciate their requirements is second to none. Such ethos provides us with the motivation and the capability to discover better methods to enhance productivity and optimize our services. This would naturally result in healthier lifestyles across the wider society.

Seeking to provide innovative, top-quality products and services comes to us naturally at the GNB. We aspire to design our products and services based on Biomimicry – an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to complex human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns, models, systems and strategies. Such philosophy, combined with a diverse set of products, and a modern and growing distribution system has allowed us to become a leading distributor of Animal feed additives.

GNB’s unique philosophy and commitment to deliver excellent, innovative and exceptional products and services stems from our scientific mission. Therefore, every year we sponsor several scientific researches and studies carried out by leading experts and renowned academics in the field of feeding livestock and poultry. As an honor, our company is a professional team on “Functional fat” in animal feed now.

Our most valuable assets at GNB are the satisfaction of our customers and our dedicated team of staff made up of leading experts in the field of feeding livestock and poultry. To this end, we invest in recruiting and retaining the best staff members to ensure customers happiness and success.   

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