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Golbar Group

“Golbar Group” includes Golbar Shimi, Golbar Daneh Golbar and Navbar Bahar Golbar. Golbar Shimi Company has been producing various types of calcium phosphate for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals since 1993.

Golbar Shimi Daneh Company has been producing various concentrates, vitamin and mineral supplements for livestock and poultry since 1999.

Golbar Navid Bahar Company has been trying to provide knowledge-based products and raw materials since 2009.

The founders of “Golbar Group” strive to make quality and customer satisfaction always the top priority.

“Golbar Group” does not know the end for quality and considers customer satisfaction as the principle.

The golbar Group in the shadow of co – operation with the Incubate of the livestock and poultry industry and the use of experienced experts has always made efforts to supply Quality of Products .

The ” Golbar Group ” companies have implemented the deployment and deployment of ISO 9001 and certification systems in line with integrated military development in management of quality management . It is also subject to the principles of the law and the rules and regulations of the State Veterinary Organization .

All co – founder and co – founder of the گلبار group believe that the client is our benefactor and must offer products that will stimulate business development and Economy of livestock and livestock breeding while improving the welfare and health and health of livestock and poultry cattle .

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